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Greenhorn Valley Chamber of Commerce President

The Greenhorn Valley Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the local business’ of the greater area of the Greenhorn Valley that includes Colorado City, Rye, San Isabel located here in the southern part of Pueblo County. We are an supporter for the area businesses and residents, and other local organization in the area
With the beginning of the Greenhorn Valley Chamber of Commerce it has strived to functioned in these roles to better the area business their residence and to promote the area to visitors. The chamber offers many resources of information. From local maps, listings of the variety of restaurants in the area, listings of business in the area, as well as relocation packets. The Chamber strives to unite the local businesses together with each other, and with consumers. Support the local residents with resources of information of local and regional attractions, activities and services.
The Greenhorn Valley is the hidden gem of Colorado. There are many activities for all in the area, mountain trails to hike, streams and lakes for the angler. The area offers outstanding education for the youth with schools for all grade levels. Warm summers and mild winters
The Greenhorn Valley Chamber of Commerce looks forward to working with the local business, supporting them to help them grow encourage one to open or relocate a business, as well as to support community activities.
Terry Milsom

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