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Greenhorn Valley Chamber Facelift

First impressions are everything and the Greenhorn Valley Chamber of Commerce is often the first thing many outside business or possible new residents will see. We hope that this new website design will properly reflect the beauty and vibrancy of Greenhorn Valley and, in turn, drive more business to our community.
We hope that this new website properly reflects our great valley with its clean, modern design. Even the logo, also designed by Max Web Profiling, has changed from a somewhat dated mountain sunset to a new modern double mountain used to symbolize the Greenhorns with the three towns Colorado City, Rye and San Isabel. Please click on the logos to view them in full size:

The site is colored by natural pastel blue and green backgrounds to compliment the nature photos from our great valley. The blue provides a striking contrast to the shaded gray and green and helps to symbolize the scenic aspect of our valley, which is one of the major factors in bringing in outside businesses and residents.
Also noteworthy are the cleanliness and simplicity of the site. Too often, local sites are cluttered with too much information and are a hassle to navigate. Not so with the new Greenhorn Valley Chamber of Commerce site.

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